Matthew Rakola Photography, DC

Matthew Rakola Photography, DC

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Profile and About Matthew Rakola Photography, DC

The Skinny

Matthew Rakola (né Hakola) was raised in a small college town in Maine ("O-R-O-N-O"- for you NYT crossword puzzle fans), the son of two professors. Growing up in a university environment gave him ample opportunity to make mischief but with enough of an emphasis on education that he should have known better.

When the inevitable question, "Did you always want to be a photographer?" comes up, the answer is simply, "No." His first crush was paleontology, until he realized that you didn't get to see real, living dinosaurs. Then came oceanography until he remembered that he was irrationally afraid of sharks. Writing was too solitary and he never had the arm (or legs or coordination) for baseball. In the end photography won out because it was a way to meet interesting people and go to far away places.

When he's not making photographs for clients or writing bios in the third person he spends his free time looking for a hobby while avoiding sharks at all costs.

Client Sampling

Billboard Magazine
Boston College
Fidelity Investments
Financial Times
Georgetown University
Great Hill Partners
Ketchum Digital
lms creative branding + advertising
National Geographic Publishing
National Parkinson Foundation

Member of:

American Photographic Artists (chair of DC chapter); DC Advertising Club; American Society of Picture Professionals; University Photographers Association of America.


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11105 Dodson Lane Silver Spring MD 20902
Work: 2026640601
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